Monday, July 20, 2009


The abandoned Pug has been improving. We have been giving her small and frequent small meals of rice, chicken, scrambled eggs and cottage cheese. Dog food too. She is still skin and bones but when you pick her up you can tell she has more substance to her. I imagine it will take time until she looks normal. I will update with pictures when she does.
We have wormed, de-fleaed (poor thing was FULL of fleas) and given her a bath. She has stopped her nervous pacing and seems to be making herself at home.
She is really sweet and likes to be held. She follows us everywhere right on our heels.
We really like her.

Friday, July 17, 2009

This is so Sad

I have 2 beautiful Pugs that I may have talked about before. Abby and Lola. Lola was a rescue. My son and I saved her from traffic. We found her owner who seemed so happy to have her back only to turn around a couple months later and ask us if we would go get her out of the Humane Society..said she had been there a couple days...turned out she was there for over a week!
But anyway that is not the story I bring to you today. See the pictures above? We went to let our 2 Pugs in this afternoon and this poor starved Pug came in with them. At first I thought I needed new glasses. Then I just started crying. This gal is absolutely starved! Here's the kicker..Someone had to physically put her over our fence. I am confused...Maybe someone dumped her and she came to be starved and then someone else found her and thought to put her in our yard knowing we already have 2 Pugs and soft hearts. Or do you think someone just couldn't take care of her anymore and thought to bring her here before she died. It looks like she has had pups too in the recent past. She also has a white patch over part of one of her eyes. Cataract?
I scrambled some eggs..(thank God for the chickens) mixed them with some cottage cheese (thank God for the diet) and gave them to her along with dog food.
What else should I do for her as far as food goes? I am worried about her eating too much too fast. Any ideas would be appreciated.
I will do the best I can to take care of her even though we are stretched to our limits with dogs. (She makes 8) and it will be a bit before we have the money to take her to the vet.
This road is notorious for dumping unwanted pets, but I have never had someone actually put one in my yard.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Miss My Blog

Wow! What a busy summer I am having! My blog has taken a back seat I see. Glad I still have a few followers. Here's what I have been doing.

Tending the 58 goats.

Driving my boys back and forth to their jobs and extra activities.

Swimming..everyday. Sitting at the computer everyday in the winter takes a toll on the rear. I have been swimming and walking, determined to be more svelte by my 50th birthday.

Working at my paying job.

Selling food at auctions every other weekend.

Getting ready for a huge barn sale.

Making goat's milk soap. So Fun! Will put some in my shop for sale soon.

Ducking all the stormy weather we have had lately.

Thinking up different ways to make stir any ideas?

My Dad and his wife came to visit from California so we did some fun touristy stuff..the zoo, the Trueman Library and an old civil war jail.

Visiting with friends.

Summer is just too short to sit at the computer. It will be winter soon enough and I will have time for it then.

If I do have time to sit at the comp I have tended to research a cold case I stumbled upon. It is really creepy and not for the faint of heart. Not something I normally do either..but there is something about this case. I just can NOT believe it hasn't been solved. There is a whole message board devoted to it with some 22000+ posts. Some are family and people who live or lived in the area. It gets pretty emotional in there and it takes a bit just to figure out who everyone is and how they relate to the case and their angle on it. There is a documentary too. I haven't bought it but I have been tempted. You can see clips of it on youtube. If you do have an interest just google cabin 28. Or go to

Hope you are all having a great summer!