Monday, March 9, 2009

3 Things for Today

Abby and Lola on a Sunday Afternoon
First: A big huge Thank You to those of you Entrecarders still dropping on me! I am down to 81% on my downloads so it won't be long before I can start doing my drops again. Second: No more kids have been born as of yet and the triplets are doing just fine. It's been warm and they have been out to play. So cute to watch! Third: What have I been doing with my time without my high speed internet? I have been going through all my old jewelry. It's time for it to find new homes where it will be loved. I have picked out some great items, cleaned and polished them and will be listing them in HouseMouseAntiques soon. Keep an eye out. Much of it is 70's style and I have some beautiful silver pieces that I purchased in Mexico.

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One Prim Girl said...

They are adorable! Also, how did you get that REACTION gadget at the end of your posts, that's cool.