Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kidding Season is Upon us Full Force!

We have been busy here on the homestead. Kidding season is definitely upon us. As soon as I get some rest I will have pictures for you. We have several first time goat Mommies and they can be tricky. I worked most of the afternoon yesterday to get one of them to realize that : Yes, she had a baby now. Yes, it was hers. Yes, she needed to let it eat. It took some persuasion of the gentle kind. I finally saw it all click in her young goat mind and she claimed her baby much to my relief. You want to avoid having a bottle baby if at all possible..
Today BF is going to buy a milk goat that is fresh and will take a baby if needed. Plus I can have fresh goat milk and it will give me motivation to make goat's milk soap! This will have to be after kidding season though as we are quite busy now. We had 2 kid yesterday.
Here is our total so far: Nanny had triplets. Young doe had her first baby and is an excellent Mother. Very young doe had her first and as stated she took a bit of persuasion to figure out she is a mother now and not a baby. Last night another one of our older Nannys had twins and she is a wonderful Mother. Lord only knows what is coming today. At least the weather seems to be co operating and it's supposed to warm up!
I can't wait to show you pictures!
Thank you all for your comments and for those of you waiting on your own little kids all my best wishes!

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