Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sold this in my Etsy Shop

I was organizing my shop getting ready for a sale. I was putting all my Etsy store items in a certain spot to be kept out of the sale. I came across this wonderful primitive abacus/chalkboard that I had crafted and the thought that went through my mind was, " Wow, This is so nice. Can't believe it hasn't sold yet!"
The very next day.....Bingo! Sold it! Crazy. I have done that a lot with my thoughts. I will be needing something..thinking about it( and knowing the chances are slim to none for finding it) and suddenly..there it will be at a yard sale or something. I am always amazed.
Hasn't worked for a million dollars yet but I have toned it down to wishing for a mere 100,000.00 maybe?!?!
Have any of you had this happen? Maybe not the money part, but the whole concept of wishing for something and having it happen or appear?

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