Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Etsy and The Vintage Sellers

I came over to Etsy from Ebay. My Etsy shop is new. It has been quite the learning experience! On Ebay I have 1600 something feedbacks and on Etsy 3. I don't much mind that though as I love Etsy! Ebay..not so much. It feels cold over there while Etsy gives me that warm fuzzy feeling. In the Etsy chat rooms I found a group of vintage sellers and they are just simply the best group ever! So helpful, fun and kind! They have given me a renewed energy for my little slice of Etsy heaven! Their shops are amazing! So many great items! A must see! A special thanks goes out to: http://www.mysouthernlace.etsy.com/ http://www.carrierscozycottage.etsy.com/ and http://www.reprise.etsy.com/ You all have been so helpful. Thank You! I know there are more of you and I look forward to getting to know all of you!

Now I must be off to work. Work interferes with Etsy darn it! I hope for the day that my work becomes my Etsy shop. I know it will happen. I have faith.

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