Saturday, November 1, 2008

Candy Hangover or What's Left after Trick or Treat

I had a candy hangover today! I had to do some serious detoxing so I could feel better. Glad Halloween is over. Now it's on to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Time flys so quickly around here! I am hoping to have the Plow and Pony fully stocked in the next couple weeks. I have some great crafting ideas and I need to get busy! Hope everyone will check the store to see what's new! I just love the ETSY web site. So many friendly people there. Many fabulous extremely talented artists there too! I love hand made. If you haven't checked it out yet, now is a great time!

Today was busy on the farm. Had to make sure the triplets were all getting enough to eat from Mom. Fence had to be mended. A nice couple brought us their pet turkey, as they couldn't keep her in town anymore. She is huge. I swear we are just 1 animal from being a zoo out here!

No time to craft today and it is all I really wanted to do. Chores come first and they took all day! Dang. Tomorrow I am hoping to have a full crafting day! I am crabby when I don't get to craft.

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