Saturday, November 29, 2008


I've started another store at Artfire. They are running a deal I can't pass up 7.00 a month membership to the first 5000 people. After those are gone it will be 20.00 a month. You can list as many items as you want with 10 pictures! It's so exciting to get in on the ground level of something! Especially when I think it will be huge. I looked over their business plan. It looks sound and the main thing that really impressed me is the fact that they are going to spend millions on advertising their site. They have already started advertising and targeted the kind of consumers who will SHOP! Here is a link if you are interested in signing up.

I would also like to say that their listing page is amazing! Everything is right there on one page! It takes me a 1/4 of the time to list on ARTFIRE as it does Etsy.

I have only been on Etsy a month and already have seen some major problems. The main one being their advertising. You can't get people to shop at the site if you don't advertise it! You the seller are responsible for getting people into your shop. Do you realize how much time that takes? On Etsy it seems to be mainly sellers selling to other sellers. The percentage of sellers to buyers is way out of proportion with sellers winning by a landslide! You simply can't sell at your best potential with a lack of buyers to buy! Sellers can only buy so much or what is the point?

I don't plan to close my shop on Etsy just yet. I put too much time into driving traffic to it already. I do plan on letting it phase itself out and making my Artfire shop as huge as I can get it!

Meanwhile, Artfire will be growing by leaps and bounds and I will be there when it explodes! I am so excited!

Some more notes..

ARTFIRE has awesome on the spot customer service. Artfire is working constantly to get their site the best it can be. Of course there are a few bugs to be worked is new! Etsy has bugs too and when you go to forums to try and get them fixed..they tell you it is something to do with you! I have found that not to be true on several occasions, but try to tell them that!

You WILL get on the front page of ARTFIRE. It's almost impossible to snag a treasury on Etsy let alone get picked for the front page.

I LOVE ARTFIRE (I need a button to wear) I am so excited! It will be huge huge huge!


Patricia said...

To be honest, I'm a "buyer only" and much prefer the classier look of Etsy. The front page presentation is well coordinated and makes me want to spend hours looking around for many fabulous items to purchase.

The design of Artfire just doesn't provide the same feeling of quality.

MI Zombie said...

ArtFire rocks! Etsy is quality? Please pass the bowl because I want some of what your smoking! lol That has to be quality to make you believe that! Watch out cupcakes ArtFire is here!

Antique Cellar said...

I've also just joined Art Fire and am excited about the site. Will be interesting to compare shop stats with my etsy shop

Anonymous said...

I think Artfire is great. I think this website is going to be the way to buy and sell on the web.

They are new but working hard and new things are showing up each day.

earmark said...

I have been on etsy for a few years now and I do love it. I definitely have frustrations with etsy, but all in all, it is a great site! That being said, I joined artfire a couple of weeks ago and although I agree with Patricia about the design lacking and the home page not being nearly as inviting as etsy's. I do love Artfire as a seller, it is quick to set up and the freedom to move things around, add more photos, add more sections and so forth is really wonderful. They offer alot of shop to shop interaction and shop to buyer as well. I love that they will be advertising and hopefully will spend the time and money to do so correctly. their service has been great so far, but I never had a problem with etsy service. I look forward to watching artfire grow as a site for both buyers and sellers. It has amazing potential and they seem to be making the right steps. The design is key and right now they need to work on re-designing the home page, once that is set and more appealing to buyers we should be good, that and a first sale would be nice too! :) HOORAY for artfire!

Antebelle said...

Hey P&P,
Really like your blog! I just joined Artfire as well, and am excited about the possibilities! Everything still seems a little rough, but the Admin is always there for you!
Thanks for the informative post and good luck to us all! :)

PlowandPony said...

Wow! Thanks for all the great comments! I am new to blogging so it never occured to me to check here for like 3 days! Welcome to my world..hehe.
I also agree Artfire's front page leaves quite a bit of room for improvement. BUT, I swear I can hear them all The Artfire people thinking; "How can we make this the BEST frontpage, buyer / seller site on the net?" Not "How can we make it better? but rather "How can we make it the best?"
That is the kind of attitude I feel over there.
I look for great things, from an over the top front page to fantastic, only dreamed of, sales to happen in the upcoming months.
I like Etsy..don't get me wrong but I truly feel Artfire has the attitude to far surpass the competition. It will take a little time. Rome wasn't built in a day as they say.
Did you know that Artfire will let you link to your Etsy store? They are not afraid of the competition.
Isn't it worth it just to have a store there for that reason alone? You can link to where you need to link to. Nothing wrong with 2 stores. I plan to have the best of both worlds.

Anonymous said...

We are new to ArtFire too. I hope that it has what it takes to be the best venue for artists to sell their work...all artists. Not just their small group of "chosen ones" like on Etsy. I will do all I can to help promote ArtFire and their site. I have been a crafter for ten years and it makes me sick what Etsy has done to the Craft world. I had high hopes in the beginning but now I am looking for another site to rise to the top and do the right thing for artists.