Monday, November 24, 2008

Farm Inventory

I am new to blogging and was reading up on the subject. It was suggested that you keep your blog short. I do believe I may have failed on that account yesterday! From now on I will try my darndest to keep things short!

Today I will give you an inventory of all the critters on the mini farm:

7 Horses (4 too many) want to buy one?

35 Goats Mostly Boers or Boer cross bred

25 chickens plus 2 roosters

6 Guineas (the best defense against ticks that I have ever found)!

1 turkey, she's a pet and doesn't have to worry about Thanksgiving!

2 Pugs (1 Pug has 3 puggle puppies 2 weeks old)

1 Puggle

1 Beagle

1 Lab

1 Chow mix

1 Kid Goat that thinks she is a dog

Total 9 dogs if you count the puppies! Holy Smoly!!!!!

I think that is it at the moment, but one never knows what tomorrow will bring!

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