Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Almost Time For FLW Fantasy Fishing!

I am so excited! I love fantasy fishing! Forget fantasy football and baseball. You can actually win money and prizes playing fantasy fishing. Not just a little money either! There are 6-100 thousand dollar prizes and the chance at a million! Much better odds than the lottery. All you have to do is pick your team of 10 anglers for each event..or keep the same anglers the whole way through. If you sign up for Players Advantage and I HIGHLY recommend it, you get stats and other tools to help you make informed picks. It's only 10.00. Last year it was 40.00. Only 35 days left until the first event of the season! Hey a person could spend more than that on lottery tickets in a week!
If you are interested click the Fantasy fishing link on the right! Hope to see you there and Good Luck!

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