Sunday, January 25, 2009

WIN 50.00! Voice of Bragg Blog Site Review

While doing my Entrecard drops, I came across this very informative blog. Here is a review of this wonderful site! "Voice of Bragg"
A+ quality content. I read several posts through to their entirety after I arrived there. It's unusual for me to do that due to time restraints. I normally just scan posts looking for interesting or pertinent information. Randy has helpful informative technical and non technical type information. The kind of things we all want to know! Concise writing style. Easy to understand and relate to. An example of this is Randy's, " In Case of Emergency" post. He talks about applying ICE (In Case of Emergency) to your cell phone. A must read for all of us!

The blog is clean and uncluttered. "Voice of Bragg" obviously cares about high quality content. Not a lot of fluff, fancy graphics and mind numbing advertising. He gets to the point in his posts. This blog grabs your attention and doesn't let go!
Relevent information is placed at the top where it can be viewed upon entering. Important links are right there. " Voice of Bragg " is a user friendly site with easy navigation.

Randy cares about his blog and takes blogging seriously. It appears that he cares about the rest of us bloggers also! He is offering 50.00 to the person who can write the best review of his blog. Fantastic!! While I could use the 50.00 and I don't know many of us who couldn't right now, Randy is also offering something even more important than cash for writing a review. More important than money you ask? YES! You write a review and he will link to your site on his blog. He has a page rank of 228,00 on Technorati. This will give your site EXPOSURE and a much needed LINKBACK! Priceless! Click the title to this post for a link to his blog ~or~ go here to get right to the post and rules for writing the review :
As a member of Entrecard, I look at many many blogs daily. Some great and some not so great. I would rate "Voice of Bragg" one of my top 10 favorites!
Thank you Randy for offering this opportunity!

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