Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Etsy Shop Name

So yeah, I'm going to open another Etsy shop for all my cool vintage and antique treasures. Problem is I need a name before I can build it. I agonized over a name for my first shop. I knew the feeling I wanted to convey. The name had to be simple, easy to remember and one that would stick in your mind. Days went by. I went through every primitive, crow, country type name I could think of. They all felt so " already been done". I wanted unique.

I was sitting on my front step one morning, drinking coffee. I looked over at the old antique horse drawn plow that serves as a yard decoration. BINGO! That was it! Horse and Plow! (I have 7 horses too.) That didn't sound as smooth as I would have liked so I played with it a bit. That is how my shop came to be named The Plow and Pony.

Now I am traveling this road again. In brain agony over a name. I believe your shop name needs to reflect your work or whatever it is you're trying to convey. You then build everything else around that. Your banner,your avatar,your business cards. You want to put your mark on everything you do relating to that shop. You want people to remember you.

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White rabbit said...

Try out

It's free to set up shop and list; the Etsy import features saves your listing time and they also have special tagging system for handmade, vintage, antique etc.