Monday, February 2, 2009

Computer Issues

So yeah, I've had some problems as of late. I've been sick. Not just a little sick either. Bronchial pneumonia sick. Am on antibiotics so hopefully soon I will be back to myself. I've had computer issues too.
Living in the middle of nowhere USA gives you only 1 choice for high speed Internet. Satellite. While it is is faster than dial up it is still slower than DSL. You are also at the mercy of your satellite signal. There can be weather issues and such. I chose Wild Blue as my provider. So like I was saying I started having computer issues. I was unable to connect to any websites. I had the signal but sites would time out before I got there. I called Tech Support. They are awesome! We were on the phone for a couple of hours going through every possible thing it could be.
To make a long story short, the problem turned out to be on my end. You see, I am paranoid about computer viruses, spy ware and nasty computer bugs. I had 2 anti virus programs, 3 spy ware programs and a couple of registry fix-its all keeping watch over my computer. Tech guy was laughing every time I mentioned a program I had. " Oh you have that too?!" he would ask, chuckling.
So yeah, you only need one of each. 2 anti virus programs are NOT better than 1. They fight with each other. Have conflicts and such. They totally slow down your comp!
After getting off the phone with nice tech guy, who is probably still laughing as I write this, I proceed to uninstall a few of my computer condoms.
It worked! My comp is faster than ever now. It's happy. It still has good protection.

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