Thursday, February 12, 2009

More on My Haunted House

Alright. I have a little interest in my ghost experiences now so I will continue with more incidences in my home.
I have a finished basement. My kids never have liked going down there. I teased them about being scared when the truth is, that there were times that I felt a little creeped out down there myself. Being one to poo poo the whole ghost thing I refused to let it get to me. I fixed it up real nice down there for the kids. They have a place of their to play video games, watch T.V. or just mess around. It's fairly nice for a basement. Carpet, drywall and a bathroom. The people that built the house supposedly lived down there while they were building the upstairs.
Things go along. The boys play down there and watch TV, etc. for a couple months with no incidences. Then one night my oldest son comes running up the stairs scared as heck. I ask him what in the world is the matter. He looks at me ready to cry and says, " Mom, I was just shutting the light off to come upstairs when I saw someones arm go around the corner of the bathroom.!" He was seriously frightened! I was like "What the heck?" We were all upstairs and my youngest son had just come up minutes earlier.
So BF and I go down to check things out and of course there is no one. BF puts it down to my son's imagination. I am not so sure. I know my son. He is level headed and not prone to an over reactive imagination.
BF absolutely did NOT believe in ghosts. But let me tell you my dear blog readers, he does now. He recently had his own personal experience with our ghost/ghosts. He doesn't tease us about our ghost experiences anymore! ( More on this later ) I still have several more incidences to tell you about before we get to my BF's big awakening..
Please comment if you want to hear more...


Ravingly Lucid said...

I do! More & More, please! BTW, I am jdbridgers from Etsy. I have my own blog, but it's about stuff not my store. Maybe I will get around to that one of these days! Thanks for giving me this address and I will add it to my favorites so I can hear more.

designsbyjulie said...

Hi there!
Please forgive the late reply as to the comments you left me on my "Haunted Missouri" Blog. I am so far behind on everything including my posts to MY blog!
I am an Artist too and spend alot of my time trying to design and run my online zazzle shop so I tend to get behind on the other things I need to do. So truly I am sorry. I do so much appreciate your comments and that you included my link in your post. Thanks so much! I really enjoyed your ghost stories of the things happening in your home. I am excited and cannot wait to hear more! You are doing an excellent job! Keep up the good work! In your comment you mentioned about Missouri being a haunted state. I feel the same. I actually moved here close to two years ago and have heard many stories as to the things that go on around here. I live in the St Louis area and our home is in a sub division. The house we live in is 100 years old, and even though it may look innocent my children and I have had a few strange experiences, but my Fiancee doesn't seem to think it's ghost related. I say anything is possible!

Thank you again I do so much appreciate your comments and visits to my blog. I will get it updated soon so be sure to check back for more "Haunted Missouri" tales. :)

primrozie said...

I love ghost stories! Mainly because I've had experiences with the "unseen" since I was a kid. Shadow people too. We had one that moved with us from house to house.

Anonymous said...

I am HOOKED..........:)
Pretty please, can we hear some more?

Nyanko said...

I believe in ghost stories, even though I have never seen some of them.Please tell more!
By the way I wonder ghost can be counted like human? Do you call them "a ghost""2 ghosts"?