Thursday, February 26, 2009

Well isn't this just a Fine Kettle of Fish

I live in the middle of nowhere as I am sure I have stated before. My option for any type of high speed internet? Satalite. I've had mine a month. I hate it. Not as much as I hate dial up but close. I suddenly have very little bandwidth. Why you ask? Because I violated the FAP. This is my message:
Internet access speeds have been slowed down in accordance with our Fair Access Policy (FAP), which can be viewed at this site. Please be aware that future occurrences, whether intentional or not, can result in the degradation of your service again. Your service will be returned to its previous operating levels once your cumulative previous 30-day’s usage has decreased to 70% of your Usage Level.
Repeated offenses will result in the slowing of services and restriction of access (to email and web services).
What a crock.
So to my dear entrecard droppers. Unless I can get to the library computer. I need to stop dropping for a bit until I can get my usage below 70 percent..whatever the hell that means. I could upgrade but no. Not gonna happen. This package is already too expensive. So yeah, I am not happy.


boylerpf said...

I've never heard of that and you are right...what a crock!

JLB said...

morning! We live in the middle of nowhere and were told that our only option was satellite but that it would be expensive. We snooped a bit more and ended up going with Verizon wireless's mobile card. It isn't as fast as sat. but it's a whole lot faster than dialup and we can take it anywhere we want withour laptops, put it on any computer we want, and it works wherever there is cell phone service ;)

Mountain Woman said...

You didn't mention who your provider is. I've had Wild Blue for a couple of years and I love it. I haven't gotten pushed back to lower speeds. All the satellite services have that policy but Wild Blue told me you only get pushed back to lower speeds if you do a lot of downloading of television shows and stuff like that. It shouldn't have an effect on card dropping.
Anyway, I have no complaints about Wild Blue.
I tried using a wireless mobile card but we don't get cell phone service here and even with the booster antenna, it never worked. Still, I love being in the country and wouldn't live anywhere else.

Laura said...

I am going to stop complaining about my cable now. I would be super annoyed with satellite. You should look into the Verizon wireless card like JLB mentioned. My husband used it as a Truck driver and it worked in a lot of rural areas. Good luck.