Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I must interrupt this regularly scheduled blog with some work/shop/plug announcements!

First of all: I received my bead work bracelet cuff that I won from ThreeFatesDesign. I absolutely LOVE it! It is so me! She does quality work I tell ya! Please give her my love by going to visit her etsy shop or her blog HERE or HERE.

Second of all: I ordered some soap from camsoaps the other day. It came yesterday. I wasn't sure what to expect but I will say, this is some of the best soap EVER! Nice large bars. Professionally packaged. The perfect hardness. I believe she told me she lets them cure for 6 weeks. Let me tell you about the scent! It is to~ die~ for~ wonderful! I ordered the Goats Milk Patchouli Oatmeal. I just want to carry them around with me all day! But that would be weird wouldn't it? ( At least I won't have to worry about any of my followers leaving me now because I smell bad) hehehe! Please visit her shop HERE

Last, but definitely not least, to my Cowgirl and Cowboy readers and the rest of you too! My online selling friend Papabear has run into some medical problems where he is unable keep up with all he needs to do. He crafts the most amazing leather work and it has practical uses! Like checkbook covers and such. I am hoping my financial situation gets to where I can order a checkbook cover or 2. ( I spent my money on soap this week) I love the barb wire one! His wife Carol is getting his shop running and you can find all of his wonderful leather work in CarolsCountryStore on etsy. Please go on over and give them some love! Just click HERE.

Please note that these wonderful people do not pay me to blog about their shops. They do not even know I do this! So BEWARE! If I buy something from you and I like it, I'm gonna write about it!


Mountain Woman said...

Thanks for sharing the information with us. I'm off to visit all the links you posted because everything sounded fantastic!

PlowandPony said...

Thanks Mountain Woman! You are such a loyal and valued follower! These people will just be thrilled that you stopped by!

rainfield61 said...

Interested to get that information. Mine has been slowed down a few days back but is back to normal again. Do not know whether due to the same reason or not.