Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ghost Stories Part 4

Before I continue on with my true ghost stories, I would like to thank all my commenters on previous posts. Thank you for your stories and interest! I really enjoyed reading them! I am so glad I am not alone in having these experiences.
My 2 sons and I have each had our own ghostly experiences in this house together and alone.
When my youngest reached an age and maturity where he could be trusted to be left home alone, he was anxious to try it. We left him alone for the first time knowing that we would return shortly. When we came home he met us outside on the deck wide eyed. "
What in the world is the matter son?" I asked
He said, " Mom, I was watching TV and there was loud knocking at the back of the house. I thought it was probably a woodpecker on the side of the house so I ignored it. So I was sitting on the couch still watching TV and Mom, there was a LOUD knocking right in the stairwell that goes downstairs! It went like this...." ( He proceeds to demonstrate ) Dum da da dum dum Bam! Bam! ( You know the knock? It is tough to type a knocking sound but it is that old familier rythmic knock)
"So Mom, I was scared and waited for you here outside the house!" he said still shook up by his experience.
I believed him because I know what it's like to have LOUD unexplainable noises happen here.
I believed him because I have had my own experiences alone in this house.
My oldest son believed him as he has also had HIS own experiences.
My boyfriend rolled his eyes because at that time he was still Mr. IDont BelieveinGhosts. He had yet to have his awakening.
To this very day neither of my sons will stay alone here. They will stay if they each stay together but that is it. Neither will stay by themselves.

On a side note: That stairwell is not scary by itself. It is carpeted, has a handrail, is well lit and the family pictures hang on the wall. BUT it leads down to the finished basement. You can see it if you are sitting in the living room. Many many times I have caught movement out of the corner of my eye by that stairway. Quick and fleeting. I have always put it down to turning too quickly even if I wasn't. Many times I have just been sitting there reading a book and something makes me look up to that area. The boys have told me the same thing. Once I had some friends staying with me for a couple of weeks and guess what? They also noticed that same thing! Quick and fleeting movement right there by the stairwell. Also, they said my basement was scary..hmmm go figure.
So yeah, I believed my son.
I ought to take some pictures of that stairwell and see if anything shows up.

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Janet said...

Ooohhh, I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it. That reminds me of our ghost story from Williamsburg, WV. Maybe that I'll put that one in my blog... hmmmm..