Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I WON A Blog Giveaway At NEST in BLOOM

It could be the winds of change are blowing in a more positive direction. I woke up to 2 good sales in my Etsy store yesterday morning! 2 of my favorite things too! I am going to miss them. 1 is that beautiful Colonial 5 candle candelabra! It was featured in a treasury and really is a beauty. I wanted to use it so very much for my Thanksgiving centerpiece. But I didn't. No borrowing from the shop! Funny how attached I get to my own work!
Then to top off my very productive day, I won a blog raffle at Nest in Bloom! ! This from a person who always grumbles that she "never wins anything!" Winds of change again. Let me tell you that it wasn't just "anything" that I won either. It is the most beautiful,well done,scarflett with vintage pin I have ever seen! I couldn't be more thrilled! Anyone that knows me can attest to my fashion style. 1. I wear a lot of black. Always have and always will. (The scarflett is black) 2. I LOVE vintage jewelry! I sell many pieces of vintage jewelry but you should see the pieces I keep for myself! 3. I recently lost my favorite scarf and have been lamenting it's loss everytime I go out in the cold. . 3 didn't have anything to do with my fashion style but another reason winning this scarflett couldn't be more perfect!
Please go see her beautiful work! You won't be disappointed!
Nest In Bloom is a shop online is run by an artist by the name of Samantha. She makes unique scarves and jewelry. Please check it out by clicking below! You can also click on my blog title!

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Hey! Just wanted to let you know we have some exciting things going on right now. We have a scavenger hunt going on now. Check it out!