Wednesday, December 10, 2008

ARTFIRE vs. Etsy Search Pages

I checked out the ARTFIRE search engine today. This being in response to a concern someone brought up in Etsy chat. It goes something like this. Etsy puts your items up in the top 5 search pages by time listed and this makes it so you have to list and relist constantly to get noticed. This generates money for Etsy and cuts deeply into your profits. It does not take long for your items to become buried somewhere below the "who Knows" x amount of search pages. If you do not list and relist, suddenly you see your views and sales fall! The concern about Artfire was this: O.k. So if you do not list on ARTFIRE daily won't your items get buried in 100's of search pages anyway? The answer is NO!!!! I checked this out for myself. Artfire has a different way of searching. They go by lowest price or highest price. You choose. I had my items come up on numerous pages of the first 5 of the word I searched. They came up on just about every page including the 1st page!!! I know people are seeing me! I haven't listed in there in over a week either! I believe they have plans to optimize their search even further but am not sure. Will blog when I find out! This is so much more FAIR! I absolutely love it! Want to find out more about how Etsy is operating? Go to: and see what everyone is saying about the new way Etsy is having your items NOT get seen!


PaintedBull said...

Isn't is wonderful to be a part of Artfire, this new site and their great staff has me all pumped up!

-JJ & Painted Bull

Made By Moms said...

Isn't that search feature FANTASTIC? It still has a few bugs, but I love how you can search for price from highest to lowest and add keywords you don't want (like a color, etc). And when you post on the message boards, the president actually will answer you!

I feel good things are coming for Art Fire... think positive thoughts!


PS: You interested in a link exchange?

PlowandPony said...

Sure I am very open to link exchanging. I feel we all need to help each other out. If I buy an item from someone and love it I always try to blog about it and put a link. No return expected. But yeah, I would love to do some link exchanges. I am just getting this blog going and I work hard to promote who knows...

Creative Minds said...

I wanna hear all about your Christmas traditions. Check out my Christmas contest!

Art Fire said...

Hi there!

Thanks for giving Artfire a chance. We really appreciate the time and energy it takes to make handmade crafts so we try to make our listing process as simple and efficient as possible. We also know how frustrating it can be for buyers to find what they are looking for so we have tried to make the search process simple and efficient, too.

We really appreciate hearing feedback like this and want to let you and your readers know that we DO LISTEN! We use this information in our ongoing process of refining the features on Artfire... so keep the feedback coming.

We don't hide the fact that we believe Artfire beats Etsy anyday... and we have made it a point to make Artfire better!

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.


Social Media Coordinator
Create Without Limits ~ Sell Without Fees

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this article. I didn't know that about the artfire "renew" trigger finger was itching and I was wondering if my stuff was getting buried! --ellen