Sunday, December 7, 2008

My EBAY Selling Days

I have been so busy talking about Etsy and Artfire I completely forgot about my Ebay selling! I have some items listed this week that end tomorrow. A link is provided under My Links on the left side of the page. I have been a seller on Ebay since 1997. Long time huh? I have 1678 positive feedbacks. I have many many more than that but repeat buyers don't get counted. I usually list odd items that I find at garage sales, auctions and estate sales. Some of my areas of expertise are pottery, glass and vintage jewelry. These days I just tend to list whatever strikes me as odd that an ebayer might want to buy. Pottery and glass collecters have pretty much collected everything they need for their collections so the price of items isn't what it used to be. Ebay is also not what it used to be. They have high listing fees, the seller can no longer accept checks, they protect the buyer which is good but have really no protections any more for the seller. Yes, there are scams on the seller too! But all in all it is usually a pretty quick way to make some fast money to pay that electric bill. The shops, Etsy and Artfire, take a bit more time. I have NOT listed any of my homemade or re-worked items on there and hoping I never have to. For some reason I feel it cheapens them. I feel my work is quality and I want it to be seen as quality. I like the idea of a more specialized store for my Colonial primitive items. I do notice that I tend to put items I would normally put on Ebay into my Etsy shop, like a few of my finest pieces of vintage jewelry. Here is a picture of an item I have up for bid this week.


Stitchgirl52 said...

Just wanted to visit your blog. Nice job. I'm working on mine.

Purple Pony Art said...

Wow a Breyer! I have 300 of those things in all shapes, sizes and colours :-)