Sunday, December 28, 2008

Garagesalearcheologist - Auction Addict - Bonanzle Lover

Garagesalearcheologist and Auction Addict, that's me! I am the one at the garage sale that carefully looks over everything and then goes back through to look again. I have found many obscure treasures and oddities this way. Auctions are of equal passion. I love the thrill of bidding against your opponents and winning that one treasure you just had to have! I love collecting and have had numerous collections over time. When I get tired of one collection I simply sell it off and move to another. I have been selling for years, 10, to be exact on Ebay. I am not real happy with them the past few years, they don't seem to care much about us Mom and Pop type sellers anymore. O.K. they don't care at all. The sense of community is gone. The fees are outrageous. If you get a buyer that is mentally insane, well, there isn't much you can do about that either. So I have moved on.
I need a place to sell my wares and collections. I mean there is only so much space in my life for storage and only so much dust I have time to clean. Treasures gotta go! Bonanzle is the place I have chosen to sell my vintage and antique treasures. They will sit in my booth there and wait for their new owners to find them. While they sit, I will enjoy the close knit Bonanzle community and the easiest listing set up I have ever seen. I will be calm not worrying about how much my listing fees will be. I have a goal to list items everyday!
You might not have heard of Bonanzle yet, but you will, you will.
Click on the picture and it will magically transport you to my booth there.


Action Healthy Life said...

Love the title "Garagesalearcheologist". So glad you came over to the happy place, Bonanzle!

PlowandPony said...

I love the Happy place Bonanzle! I made my first sale there today too! Thanks for stopping by my blog!