Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Disturbing Abandonment

We live way out in the country. Over the years I have taken in many dogs that people have dumped or abandoned on our road. It's a disturbing trend around here. Yesterday takes the cake though. Someone abandoned a dog and her 8 (yes 8!) puppies. It was so sad. They simply all stayed in the spot they were dumped at probably thinking their owner would be back for them at any time. I was so angry. Now it had become MY problem. There is no way I could leave them for the coyotes and yes that is exactly what would have happened. They would be coyote snacks before morning. Calls were made to humane shelters all over and everyone was full. I have 10 dogs ( yes, most are rescues ) and just no more room or dog food for 9 more. Thankfully, one of my neighbors (1/4 miles away) agreed to take them all in. God Bless you neighbors! I hope they can all find homes.

Please Please do not abandon your pets. It is a cruel and inhumane thing to do. They don't all get lucky like these did and the ones that have come before them.

Almost a new year! I am starting mine with High speed internet. I have had dial up for years and finally got to the point of wanting to throw my computer out the window. My only option out here in the middle of somewhere was to get a satalite installed. Went with WildBlue. They seem ok but of course now I have to pay 60.00 a month compared to 14.00. So far it is worth it! I bet most of you don't even remember dial up!

That is my most exciting news for today and it's probably only exciting to me!


CT said...

This is very disturbing! I just don't understand some people..you are an angel for these poor little guys! - CT

PlowandPony said...

I guess people think they will magically get homes, but the truth is, that rarely happens. They either get hit by a car, starve to death, or get eaten by coyotes or other wild animals. Pets are not meant to live in the wild.

Jenny said...

Oh my G@^%~

I am going thur issues with cat problems in my hood. I can relate to your frustration.

Thanks for being 100 times more loving and responsible than those horrible people!

Blessings to you.

Youniquely Chic said...

I will never understand how you can look a dog in the eye and see the love and utter trust there and then do something as horrible as this! and PUPPIES??? I think that people who can do that to a poor defenseless animal and her babies has something VERY wrong with them! That is what is wrong with our society, everyone cares about #1 and everyone else better get out of the way. I would go without food for myself before I treated my dogs like this, they are members of my family and they are my responsibility for life, not until times get hard!

Whew... sorry had to get that off my chest!

Thanks for visiting my blog!